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Modulus Movie Server Remote

Modulus Movie Server Remote

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Simple is Better

The Modulus Ultimate Remote is the ONLY remote you need from now on! Stop waiting for HDMI inputs to switch from box to box. What a pleasure! The Modulus remote is brilliantly designed to make the functions you need easy to find, not a million buttons you’ll never use. Or, use the built-in Air Mouse and just point at the screen to select what you want. Simple!

Powerful Search

Search is a breeze with this remote. We give you three different options to find the program you want; first up, use your words! Let our Voice Control feature find your favorite movie, searching across ALL platforms to find the show you want. Second, use the Air Mouse. Just point at the screen and click on the Program Guide to take you immediately to that channel or streaming option. Finally, if you have to type something out, use our built-in QWERTY keyboard! That’s right, no more of the maddening letter-by-letter log in hassles. Plus, our remote is backlit so it’s easy to use even in a dark room.
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Shipping & Returns

Modulus offers an 18 month warranty on all products, plus a 30-day refund policy, consistent with industry standards and best practices.


Modulus M2 Integrated Media Server

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