Top Rated Stream Recording Movie Server

Modulus M2 can legally record all types of programming from cable or antenna TV, any type of optical disk, and from commercial streaming services!

Modulus M2 Announced at CEDIA Expo 2022!

The Amazing Modulus M2 was anounced at CEDIA, winning multiple "best product" awards!

Watch Modulus at CEDIA Expo 2022!

Ultimate TV Recording Device, Movie Server, and Streaming Media System with Recording Capabilities

Record from cable or antenna TV, commercial streaming services, and even UHD 4K Blu-ray disks. With the M2, you can watch and record all program types from any source, store it in the library, and enjoy it again and again. Modulus Media Systems is the ultimate solution for all your media needs!

Store Your Media Collection with up to 88TB of Field-Replaceable Storage for your TV Recording Device!

Modulus M2 is the world’s only high-performance UHD 4K movie server with up to 88TB of field-upgradeable storage, optional integrated backup and NAS compatibility for unlimited expansion.

The Modulus M2 machine is even faster, with a whopping 18TB of expandable internal storage. It has a built-in 4K UHD drive that makes uploading content a breeze.

The Ultimate Integration

The brilliantly designed Modulus Remote is a joy. Say what you want using Voice Control and search is fast and easy. Use the Air Mouse to simply click on your content. Hate those on-screen search grids? Use the QWERTY keyboard on the back of our remote instead. Our smart remote uses RF signals — no “line of sight” problems. Integrates with all major home control systems, including 2-way drivers. Finally, you can download the mobile app and control Modulus with your smartphone or tablet.

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