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What is Modulus?

Modulus is the frst ever all-in-one solution for quality home theater systems. It combines a VR, commercials, record your streaming content, and view all your media across any room in the house.

Does Modulus replace my cable company DVR?

Yes, the Digital Video Recorder in Modulus is far superior to the restrictive, low quality units that cable companies typically provide. Modulus allows you to skip commercials, record streaming, watch your programs quickly in “Time Save Mode” and record up to six programs at the same time. The Program Guide that comes with your Modulus DVR includes everything that cable company DVRs provides, with more information and easy-to-browse screens.

How do I play my content throughout my house?

By using the Modulus Mx1. The Mx1 is much smaller than the main M1 unit, and fits easily behind the screen of any wall-mounted TV screen. The Mx1 is perfect for sharing your content in any room, on the patio, or even a garage apartment. The Mx1 comes with the same remote control and delivers the same experience as the M1 device.

How do I upload all my personal media to Modulus?

Easy! First, you can upload using our Blu-ray/DVD/CD player with convenient front-loading slot. Second, you can attach your video camera or smartphone using our custom Modulus adaptors and upload direct from the device. Modulus also supports Netfolders that connect network accessible media in your home. We support flash drives and external USB drives as well as downloaded content. Modulus stores all your media on its massive massive internal hard drive of 6TB, 12TB or 20TB, and also redundantly in the cloud.

Will Modulus work with my existing home automation system?

Yes, Modulus is designed to work smoothly with most major home automation systems like Control4, Elan, Crestron, Savant and others.

What drivers do you support?

We support Control4, Elan, and Crestron today, with more coming after CEDIA, prioritized based upon dealer requests.

What is your warranty / exchange policy?

Eighteen (18) months – All included, bumper to bumper warranty.

Does Modulus support 4K / UHD / HDR?

Yes! M1 playback of UHD / HDR is supported, in hardware, for any local or network video file or imported disc. The M1 does not yet have a 4K optical drive, but this is being planned for an upcoming model, and MMS plans to offer a USB 4K optical drive as an add-on for the current M1 model.

Do you support Dolby TrueHD? Dolby Atmos?

Yes – The M1 / Mx1 supports digital audio pass-through, so these formats may be correctly decoded by the connected pre-amp, receiver, or TV.

Can I expand using NAS? Can I use my own hard drives?

Yes, for all content except from DRM-protected cable TV (cable DVR recordings must reside in the 6TB-20TB internal storage). We support importing of network content, or attaching to network content (“NetFolder”). We also support importing or attaching to USB-attached external drives. For dealer expansion of internal disk configurations, please contact MMS for details.

Do you support over-the-air antennas? Can I mix and match?

Yes, we support OTA tuning, and we support mix-and-match of OTA with cable.

Do you have mobile apps for a tablet or phone?

Yes, by specifying the M1 / Mx1 IP address, any unit may be controlled using our control app on Andriod phones or tablets (iOS is planned). We also offer an Android-based app that supports content playback / DVR scheduling. Both apps are currently under development to update the UI and some controls.

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