Movies & More

An Austin tech entrepreneur wanted a better way to watch movies and manage his family's content — so he invented it. Now we are all free to enjoy our entertainment!

Born in the U.S.A.

Steve Schulz is the kind of guy who would rather build it than buy it. Ten years ago he began putting his two decades of engineering experience into a product that would one day rock the home theater industry. So many features. So easy to use. His big idea: You pay a lot for your content — you should be able to easily access it, store it, and enjoy it all over your home.

Come together. Right now.

Sophisticated home theater components are highly complex and do not "play well together." It's an industry-wide problem. We've solved it with beautiful simplicity.

A Team Effort

Modulus has extraordinary wizardry inside. Blood, sweat, tears, and more than 26 million lines of code. All from a team of software developers and designers committed to creating something singular — a game-changing system that breaks paradigms and offers the viewer an experience they never thought was possible. Modulus is also uniquely American, crafted in Austin, TX and shipped to your home or business by a team that truly cares.