Bring on the Features

Modulus literally has every feature you could imagine — and a few more. Use as many or as few as you want, but it's cool to know you can customize every single part of your media experience.

Let's Start with These

Record Streaming

Only Modulus has the patented ability to record all your streaming content

The Ultimate Remote

Blazing fast search with your voice activated remote control

Movie Server

Unmatched quality and sound with our feature-rich movie server

Home Stereo System

Upload your streaming music and playlists for multi-channel sound

Family Media Center

Store and enjoy all your family videos, photos, DVDs, etc. on Modulus and relive the memories

Massive Data Storage

Modulus starts with 16TB of memory so you can easily store thousands of HD movies, shows and videos

Life is complicated. Modulus is simple, easy and organized.

How much time have you spent frantically looking for your remote, the movie you recorded, the streaming show you're dying to see, or anything else to do with your media? Including your personal music and family videos? Take a deep breath and relax. You've got Modulus, and search is a snap.

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