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Modulus M2: Movie Server & DVR Recording Device

Modulus M2: Movie Server & DVR Recording Device

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High-Performance UHD 4K Movie Server with an Enormous Digital Library
Modulus new M2 is a high-performance UHD 4K movie server with up to 88TB of field-upgradeable storage, optional integrated backup and NAS compatibility for unlimited expansion. Its bold yet unobtrusive design complements a home theater while its RF remote allows installation in an equipment closet.
A DVR for the Streaming Age
As the world’s only fully-integrated media source, the M2 records from cable or antenna TV, 4K UHD Blu-rays, standard Blu-rays, DVDs and music CDs and from commercial streaming services.
A Whole-Home Media Server
Unlike competitors that rely on HDMI switchers and structured wiring, the M2 uses a standard Ethernet/WiFi network to distribute live media and recorded content to optional Modulus Mx1 receivers in up to 18 rooms in a home.
Instant-Add Storage
The M2 features the ability to expand storage at any time (up to 88TB), without opening the case, and without even removing it from a rack or shelf - watch in video (below)!

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Modulus offers an 18 month warranty on all products, plus a 30-day refund policy, consistent with industry standards and best practices.


Modulus M2 Integrated Media Server

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