Is there a streaming DVR?

Is there a streaming DVR?
Is there a streaming DVR?

Cable TV is a hassle and a half. If you’re like the 5 million people a year who have cut the cord with cable, you may be wondering if there is a way to record streaming video like you can with cable or over-the-air television.

It’s a simple question, however the answer is a bit more complex. There are options for recording streaming services, but almost all of them come with trade-offs.

Cloud Streaming DVR’s Aren’t

Live TV streaming services, those that provide a bundle of cable channels over the internet, all claim to offer DVR for streaming. But do they?

Sling TV and FuboTV offer a limited number of recording hours that are stored indefinitely. Youtube TV, Hulu with LiveTV, DirectTV Stream, and Philo allow you to record an unlimited number of programs, but you can only store them for a limited time. These services have been called Cloud DVR, because the recordings are stored in the Cloud rather than on your device.

Now this may sound just fine, but there’s an important distinction that they are intentionally hiding from you. There is no recording. Because the information lives in the Cloud, all the data remains on their server where it already was. Nothing has been transferred to your device, there is no recording at all. It’s an illusion. What’s been “stored” amounts to nothing more than a bookmark.

You see, recent years have seen increased demand for a streaming DVR. These tech companies know that you want the service, but they don’t want to give it to you. So, what they’ve done is built in an interface intended to make you feel like you’ve recorded something when you really haven’t.

And guess what? Even the bookmark is not foolproof. Because the data for the content remains on their server, under their control, if their contract with the content provider expires…so does your bookmark. There goes your access.

Access Isn't Ownership

Popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu’s on-demand service don’t offer any stream recording capabilities. This also includes individual network apps you may have downloaded such as Peacock, Paramount +, Disney +, and more.

The conventional reasoning behind this is that recording is not necessary when you have on-demand access to a services’ programming. In practice however, there are many instances where recording streaming can be highly beneficial.

You might, for instance, want to skip the commercials in an ad-supported video. Perhaps you are temporarily without WIFI access, but still want to be able to watch your favorites.

Also keep in mind that “access” isn’t really ownership. You don’t have control over what programs are available on a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu. Maybe you subscribed to Netflix because for many years, Netflix hosted popular fan-favorite shows such as The Office or Parks and Recreation. A few years ago however, the licensing deals for those shows expired and NBC decided to remove that content from Netflix to promote their own streaming app, Peacock. Today you would need a Peacock subscription to regain access to those shows.

Another app, another subscription, and yet another monthly bill.

The one and only Streaming DVR

If you’re not satisfied with any of the options above and you’re tired of the complicated mess that TV watching has become, then consider the ultimate upgrade.

The M1 from Modulus Media Systems is an all-in-one media server with massive amounts of storage space and the patented ability to truly record streaming video directly to your device.

With the M1, you can record an unlimited amount of video from any streaming service or app and store it indefinitely in the same place that you watch everything else. Recording can be done in the background while watching your movies, live tv, or streaming video. When it’s done, your recordings are immediately accessible within Modulus. No need to transfer files or switch inputs. And with over 12 terabytes of hard drive storage built-in, you won’t have to worry about losing or deleting any of your recorded content. You can record whole seasons of content and still not run out of space. Plus, with the M1’s automatic commercial skip feature watching your recorded streams is made even easier.

Only the M1 turns access into ownership. With Modulus you can have full control over your media, united together under one simple interface.

To learn more about Modulus Media Systems’ game changing M1, click here. It’s time to cut the cord. Are you ready?
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