Vote for Modulus

  In this election season, we’re asking our integrator/ dealers and authorized representatives to Vote for Modulus!

  Modulus campaigns on a solid platform:

  • A single component to replace your cable DVR, your Blu-Ray/DVD/CD player, your streaming video player and more
  • Multiple terabytes of storage for your media library
  • A comprehensive remote with a QWERTY keyboard
  • Installation and support by trained integrators

  Modulus takes a stand on the issues:

  • Eliminate confusion with a simple user interface
  • Reduce waste in your equipment rack and media shelves
  • Recycle that messy basket of remotes

  Modulus is a qualified candidate that keeps its promises:

  • We promise to be the “ultimate entertainment powerhouse"
  • We promise to record live TV, your disc media and streaming content so you can keep what you’ve paid for!

  And, we promise to continue providing you, our integrator/dealers with the tools you need to sell Modulus and to create and maintain lasting relationships with your customers. So, please contact your authorized representative, or contact me directly by email, voice, or text and let us help develop your business with Modulus!

Cast your vote

Cast your vote for a qualified candidate!

made in Austin
Modulus is proudly made in Austin, Texas - USA!