Upgrade Your Modulus with Our New 4K Video Player!

We’re excited to announce that Modulus’ 4K Video Player is now in stock! This slender, elegant-looking UHD 4K Optical Drive plays and imports 4K movies and other content and it’s a great upgrade for your existing customers as well as a great way to sell the “ultimate entertainment powerhouse” to new customers

The 4K Video Player connects to any of the M1’s USB ports and it’s possible to connect as many as three 4K drives to the M1 so that owners with large libraries can import two or more discs simultaneously. You can even connect the 4K Video Player to any Mx1s for remote access to 4K or other disc-based media.

A recent M1 software update supports the 4K drive and 4K streaming content. This means viewers can watch or record 4K while enjoying other content using the M1’s six tuners, its (up to) 32TB library of your recordings or its internal Blu-ray drive. The M1’s software update brings more great features including the ability to import DVD, Blu-ray and 4K disc content directly to an external NAS server and improvements to the system user interface.

All of this is part of our drive to provide you, our integrator/dealers with the tools you need to sell Modulus and create and maintain lasting relationships with your customers. Please contact your authorized representative or contact me directly by email, voice or text and let us help develop your business with Modulus!