Ultimate Entertainment Powerhouse

  We’re hearing great reports of positive customer reaction to Modulus demos via Zoom and we’re excited about your success with this new sales tool!

  Today, we’d like to remind you of another group of tools that are built into Modulus and some that are available on the web.

  From the Modulus Home Screen, you can access how-to videos and detailed instruction manuals. These tools help Modulus owners get the most from their “Ultimate Entertainment Powerhouse”, reduce your service calls and encourage referrals from happy customers.

  The Modulus website, our pages on YouTube and Vimeo and our social media sites offer a wide selection of promotional and help videos. Refer your prospects to these videos for a brief introduction to Modulus. Then, propose a Zoom demo.

  We promise to continue providing you, our integrator/dealers with tools like these to sell Modulus and to create and maintain lasting relationships with your customers. So, please contact your authorized representative, or contact me directly by email, voice, or text and let us help develop your business with Modulus!

Modulus Home Screen

User guides, help videos and more are easily accessible from the "Need Help" tile group on the Modulus Home Screen.

video Listing

YouTube and Vimeo have a wide selection of Modulus Promotional and help videos.