Soft Features

 Most of your customers and prospects already have a sizeable collection of Blu-Ray and DVD movies along with music on CDs or USB drives and a treasure of family photos and videos stored on everything from memory cards to DVDs.

 But, it’s not easy to enjoy all of this content because it has to be collected and organized and stored somewhere and then displayed on devices designed for each type of storage medium.

 That’s where Modulus comes to the rescue and gives you the chance to make the sale! Tell your customers how easy it is to import and organize Blu-Ray and DVD movies, audio CDs and other disc content in Modulus libraries. It’s just as easy to import content from external NAS drives (network attached storage), USB drives and USB memory sticks. Customers can even import from all of those different memory cards with a low-cost USB card reader.

 Great “soft features” like this are part of our drive to provide you, our integrator/dealers, with the tools you need to sell Modulus and create and maintain lasting relationships with your customers. Please contact your authorized representative, or contact me directly by email, voice, or text and let us help develop your business with Modulus!

soft features