Massive New Streaming Numbers Point to Modulus

Sales of streaming services have soared in the last 60 days, and now a new OnePoll study shows subscribers are streaming an average of eight hours of programming each day, double the number before the pandemic hit.  The average person has log-ins to four streaming services, and 38% have access to five or more services.

So how does a fan of streaming manage all that content?

Enter Modulus, the first ever all-in-one premium DVR for the streaming age. Modulus is the only product in the world with the patented ability to record streaming. What’s more, Modulus comes with up to 32TB of internal storage, which means you can record and store all the movies you want and every episode of your favorite programs. And when you play them back, Modulus allows you to skip any annoying commercials instantly with the press of a button. TV is fun again!

As Americans now “quaran-stream” and “corona binge” their content, there is a new appreciation for big-screen TVs and surround-sound systems that offer an experience rivaling live events. The Modulus M1 replaces your cable box and brings you a 4K, HDR-ready media system that imports Blu-Rays, DVDs and music CDs, serves your movies, stores all your family photos and videos and even plays all the music off your streaming music playlists.

You can learn more about Modulus here.

Analysts believe that habits formed during this 6-9 month period will continue through the end of 2020 and beyond. This will likely spur new growth in the home theater industry, offer an increasing diversity of content and bring new revenue to artists, streaming event producers, content creators and dealer/integrators. Sold exclusively through established home theater professionals, Modulus works with its dealers by creating custom marketing tools, educating their sales and installation teams and building relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. We invite you to contact us about our products, training materials, and available dealer territories.