Develop your business with Modulus

  Music is one of the best parts of our lives. It sets the mood for parties. It helps us relax after a long day at work. It adds enjoyment to our hobbies. So, let music help you sell Modulus!

  Show your prospects how Modulus can import and play music from CDs or a USB drive and organize it in a Modulus library. Demonstrate how easy it is to add a streaming music service like Pandora or Spotify. Show them how to add audio or video recordings of a family-member’s recital or concert.

  Explain how the Mx1 can bring all of this music to any room in the house allowing teenagers to listen to their favorite artists in a bedroom while parents enjoy something different in the family room.

  These great musical features will appeal to all kinds of people making them an important sales tool. So, use music to give a prospect a brief intro to Modulus. Then, propose a Zoom demo and let Modulus sell itself!

  We promise to continue providing you, our integrator/dealers with the tools you need to sell Modulus and to create and maintain lasting relationships with your customers. So, please contact your authorized representative, or contact me directly by email, voice, or text and let us help develop your business with Modulus!

Pandora develop

 When two children share a bedroom, one can concentrate on their studies while the other listens to music on headphones plugged into the Modulus Remote.