All in One component for a Residential cinema

 First the sad news. A few days ago, CEPro reported that Regal Cinemas will close all 536 of its USA theater locations indefinitely. Other exhibitor chains have closed theaters as well.

  Yet for both movie lovers and integrators, the good news outweighs the bad! In August, CEPro reported that Universal Entertainment and AMC Theaters had agreed to make new movies available for streaming within 17 days of theatrical release. This and related decisions have already brought great films like “Mulan” and “Artemis Fowl” from Disney and “The Call of the Wild” from 20th Century Studios to home theaters across America. And, in September, CEPro reported that, despite the current recession, the consumer electronics market has actually grown since 2019.

 Put all of this together and it’s a great time to be a residential integrator and a Modulus dealer! So, we want to provide you with the tools you need to capitalize on this good news, to sell Modulus and to create and maintain lasting relationships with your customers. Please contact your authorized representative, or contact me directly by email, voice, or text and let us help develop your business with Modulus!

Regal Cinema

A Regal Cinema location in New York City
(Image courtesy NBC News)

All in one

Modulus is the perfect all-in-one component for a residential cinema.

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